A Voice for Vivi


So, as I mentioned in that oh, so important very first blog post, we are having a very difficult time finding a way for Vivian to effectively communicate with us.  And by effectively, I mean a way she is interested in.  We’ve heard Vivian use words before, but it’s been over a year since Shawn or I have heard her use them, and to be honest, they were generally out of context. We’ve tried, with the assistance of her previous Pre-K teachers and Speech therapists, PECS (Picture Exchange Communication System) and have mixed success with the paper PECS format and the ipad format.


PECS cards

Knowing this, I researched trying to obtain what the insurance company would consider a communication device, and our insurance company.  The device we are trying to obtain for Vivian is the Tobii Dynavox, an all-in-one speech tablet created specifically for for augmentative and alternative communication, created and designed for children like Vivian who have non-verbal Autism. Since Vivian is a visual learner and is attracted to electronic devices (likes most kids), we are hoping she will take a liking to the Tobi and will use it to communicate.


Until next time…