Book Review: The Prayer Wheel

Book Review: The Prayer Wheel - A Daily Guide to Renewing Your Faith with a Rediscovered Spiritual Practice Written by: Patton Dodd, Jana Riess, and David Van Biema About the Authors: Patton Dodd is both a writer and editor whose work has appeared in The Washington Post, The Wall Street Journal, Newsweek, and many  more.... Continue Reading →

Happy Birthday Sweet Vivian!

Happy Happy 6th Birthday to my sweet little Vivian!  I am so blessed to have you in my life and have been able to watch you grow from a toddler into a beautiful six year old, going to school, and learning to be independent. Miss Vivian, you are the sweetest little girl I have ever... Continue Reading →

A New School for Vivi!

I'm excited to share that a few weeks ago, Vivian started at a new school, Connerton Elementary School.  It's a more appropriate school for her specific needs, as it supports the Florida Access Points program.  It's been a real struggle to get Vivian placed into a different school, and it all really started last summer.... Continue Reading →

Book Review: The Daily Question

The Daily Question: My 5-Year Spiritual Journal by WaterBrook, A Book Review 365 Questions - 5 Years - 1,825 Answers The Daily Question is a unique journal made to see how "everything" in life develops over five years.  So, you'll see your entries for the same question on January 1, let's say on 2018, 2019,... Continue Reading →

It’s Spidey-Baby!!!

Oh, so many things I could write about, but a quick, um, funny, one first, I suppose. So us mommas, and really, anyone who has taken care of littles knows that children will put literally anything in their mouths -- right? Seriously, anything. This subject can go along with the canon of things you never... Continue Reading →

A Voice for Vivi

  So, as I mentioned in that oh, so important very first blog post, we are having a very difficult time finding a way for Vivian to effectively communicate with us.  And by effectively, I mean a way she is interested in.  We've heard Vivian use words before, but it's been over a year since... Continue Reading →

The First Post

Yay! It's the very first post of the new blog! How super exciting!  Now, what to write about?  Well, what would be more appropriate than to introduce you to my family you'll be hearing all about in the coming posts, so, here goes... Welcome to my "little" family.  We're a nice small family of six.... Continue Reading →

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